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Partnerships and Campaigns

We only work with the very best bloggers.

If you are on our site, you probably don’t need to be told about the benefits of working with bloggers. We have cherry picked our database from thousands of blogs and we are very proud of the fantastic bloggers we now represent. We are in constant contact with our database and work with them on anything from large brand focused campaigns to product reviews and Youtube videos.

For Brands

We will work with you to promote your business or service by making contact with our community of professional bloggers.

We will streamline the process and make sure that your opportunities go to the right bloggers.

Simply send us the information you would like our blogger community to see (via our request form). We will include your request in our email round-up, post it to our job board and tweet it – we will also contact the best bloggers directly if your opportunity is a perfect fit for their blog. Interested bloggers will then get in contact with you directly or via us.

We also provide other outreach services, so get in touch for more information.

*We only work with brands who are happy to compensate our blogger community in the way they ask. All of the bloggers on our database are independent. For more information about us, get in contact:


We are committed to diversity and only work with brands who feel the same way. Whether you blog about interiors, tech or your family pet we want to hear from you.


We choose bloggers based on a variety of elements – not just your traffic or DA. If there is something we feel is particularly special or unique about your blog or we feel it is a perfect fit for one of our client brands we will be in touch to add you to our database.

We get hundreds of requests and although we do our best to reply to all of them, with such a small team and a stringent reviewing system we may not reply to you straight away. That said, we are dedicated to replying to every request we get AND offering feedback for those who we do not shortlist.

PRs and Agencies

We know how important it is that bloggers and their audiences align with that of your clients – and that they truly have an interest in the product / service.

This is why we work so closely with our database of bloggers to ensure we know what their blogs are really about and just who their audiences are.

About our blogger community…

Lifestyle: Our bloggers are passionate about lifestyle, which means they blog daily or weekly about anything from fashion and interiors to celebrity and music.

Health and Beauty: Our health and beauty bloggers have a handle on all of the latest industry news and product launches.

Food, Products and Services: Whether you are looking for a restaurant reviewer or a brand ambassador, contact our bloggers to build long-term relationships.

Technology: Trend makers rather than trend followers, our tech savvy bloggers are essential for product reviews or feedback on upcoming launches.

What can a blogger do for you?

Radio and TV appearances
Store and brand launches
Website content and guest blogging
Editing and articles – Online and Offline
Expert quotes and contributions
Interviews and client promotion
Product reviews
Restaurant reviews
Salon and spa reviews
Digital and social media consultation, support and management

…and so much more.

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