About us

We only work with the very best bloggers.

If you are on our site, you probably don’t need to be told about the benefits of working with bloggers. We have cherry picked our database from thousands of blogs and we are very proud of the fantastic bloggers we now represent. We are in constant contact with our database and work with them on anything from large brand focused campaigns to product reviews and Youtube videos.

For Brands

We will work with you to promote your business or service by making contact with our community of professional bloggers.

We will streamline the process and make sure that your opportunities go to the right bloggers.

Simply send us the information you would like our blogger community to see (via our request form). We will include your request in our  email round-up, post it to our job board and tweet it – we will also contact the best bloggers directly if your opportunity is a perfect fit for their blog. Interested bloggers will then get in contact with you directly.

We also provide other outreach services, so get in touch for more information.

Send your blogger requests to: info@contactablogger.com

We only work with brands who are happy to compensate our blogger community in the way they ask. All of the bloggers on our database are independent.

For more information about us, get in contact: info@contactablogger.com

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