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It’s been pretty busy around here…honest.

Ok, so we have been rudiculously slow with updating this blog (oh, the irony). However, That is not to say that we haven’t been getting lots of other stuff done. In fact, it’s been pretty busy around here…

With such a small team it can be difficult to juggle everything – this is a conversation that we have with bloggers all the time, many of whom work alone. The truth is, we never fail to be impressed by some of our members who are rocking their blogs with consistently amazing content, all whilst doing their own PR, social media and holding down full time jobs (and often being parents too!) #win

So, with this in mind we thought it only fair to give you a low down on what’s been happening at CAB…just so you don’t think we have been slacking.

1. We met with ALOT OF PEOPLE

The last few months have been a whirlwind and we have made so many new partnerships that there is little doubt that the rest of the year is going to be an absolute blast! We are getting new member sign ups all the time and the quality of the blogs out there is pretty astounding. We have serious blog envy with every new sign up and there is always something that makes us wonder how the hell it was achieved. 😕

2. We did a bit of content creation ourselves

Did you know that we are all in fact bloggers ourselves? Surprise! The CAB team are multitaskers and we all run our own blogs and do quite a lot of content creation ourselves for other brands. We have been working with a number of companies and organisations – including a great social enterprise which provides services for disadvantaged young people in London. We have been creating websites, running campaigns, updating blogs, managing social media accounts, going on the radio and getting married and having babies (actually, the last two was just me).

So, that’s just a snapshot of what we have been up to. Never fear as the team will be growing over the next few months and we hope to do much more.

Get in contact with us for more information or to sign up to our database:

…Until the next update (soon).

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