A change of direction for www.styleable.co.uk…

After a number of years, the StyleAble team have decided to take the website in a different direction. Initially launched specifically for blind and partially sighted people, www.styleable.co.uk is now a resource for all women. With a move towards 75% real life stories and new voices and 25% reviews, features and lifestyle articles, StyleAble has become one of the first blogs to compete with glossy printed women’s magazines for real life content. Check out a few below:

“I found it difficult to cope with interstitial cystitis…”

Laura on her wedding day


“I started to develop symptoms in January 2008. They initially started with what felt like a water infection which I tried a few antibiotics for, this didn’t work. The symptoms turned into aches across the pelvis, a sensitive bladder and localised pain which came and went in different areas….read more.


Clara HallencreutzMy Life as an artist”

“Being an artist is the best work in the world! I get to play around with my imagination and express myself through art. The downside is that it’s a bit lonely as I have no colleagues – especially as I like having people around me. I wish I could have a big entourage like Andy Warhol had at The Factory…read more



Joanna Chamberlain“I’m 53 and a model”

“I am now living a life I should have lived 30 years ago.  I am no longer the shy, self conscious person that wants to just hide in the background. A new self confidence has emerged, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took a while to get used to my new skin, but now life is amazing – at times I have to pinch myself just to make sure it’s real. In the last six years, I have done things I would have never have dreamed of. Life is exciting these days…read more


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